Integix is an integrated cloud-based reporting solution enabling real-time editing and review in a collaborative environment. Integix offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based disclosure platform for companies seeking a self-filing solution. With single-source input, support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat formatted source documents, interlinked facts, realtime collaboration, and powerful review, all output formats, including US SEC’s EDGAR, XBRL, and Inline XBRL, are updated instantaneously, increasing efficiency and accuracy


Simple Setup

Integix is easy to setup, simple to use and comes packaged with comprehensive support. Integix requires no IT involvement in set-up, has a familiar, intuitive word processing like interface, and requires minimal training to get started. With Integix, you are ready to roll forward within days of signing.


Users have complete control over their documents right up to the final moments before filing. In addition, Ez-XBRL's provides best EDGAR and XBRL CPA consulting team to assist users in creation of their disclosure documents. Simple rights management gives clarity on roles for reporting team. Advanced tracking with alerts allowing all team members to follow progress from drafting to filing with the SEC.


Integix is built on experience gained over a decade of SEC disclosure experience. The user interfaces are intuitively designed so that even first-time users or users new to XBRL find it easy-to-use. Intuitive on document XBRL tagging simplifies the complex XBRL tagging process into a few easy steps.


Integix offers highly automated roll-forwards and EDGAR formatting features especially for HTML tables reducing pre-formatting requirements that are common in traditional methods of creation of EDGAR documents using standard word processing applications.


Integix has data interlinking capabilities which ensure that edits made in one place are updated throughout the document. Integix also provides built-in validations to ensure control over the quality of your content and XBRL structure. Single source web based editor and real-time editing assures you are always working on the current version, gives your team freedom from multiple reviews arising from versioning issues. Data linking using "FactLink" assures changes flow through entire document. Integix improves accuracy and reduces stress by allowing reviewers to spend more time to review documents for completeness of filing and accuracy of data.


Collaboration tools, such as editing, online review including commenting and approval provide instantaneous access and real-time updates; improving speed accuracy and efficiency for everyone.


Integix utilizes secure, web-based technology, accessible only via highly secure, authenticated access, enabling users to create, review and file their documents any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, with no added IT or hardware investment.