Press Releases

Ez-XBRL Solutions Announces Contexxia for Analyzing Public Company Filings


Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc., a global provider of products and services for Financial Analytics and Financial Regulatory Compliance, today released Contexxia, a revolutionary new product for analysis of regulatory filings. Contexxia provides a unique way to analyze, research and find interesting information in public company filings by leveraging Semantic Search, Natural Language Processing, a Powerful Data Model, and several other technologies.


Ez-XBRL Solutions Offers Seamless Support for Sage Customers


Ez-XBRL Solutions can assist Sage customers through its iXBRL Solutions to successfully meet HMRC tax returns filing mandate. Ez-XBRL Solutions, LLC, a full service, global XBRL data conversion and analytics solutions provider, announced today that the company, through its Inline XBRL (iXBRL) Solutions, can assist Sage customers in meeting their tax return filing requirements.