Corporate Filers

Ez-XBRL offers a comprehensive set of fast, accurate and reliable services to enable companies to cost effectively and accurately create XBRL instances and comply with the SEC mandate. Financial Accounting experts at Ez-XBRL Solutions work with corporate finance, external reporting teams and other corporate stakeholders to guide them through the XBRL instance generation process. Our team of accounting professionals has extensive experience in US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards.

Validation Services

In order to ensure accuracy and completeness of XBRL documents, we provide a unique, third-party validation service offering to verify and validate the accuracy and completeness of your XBRL documents.

Taxonomy Creation

We are actively involved in the creation and testing of a variety of XBRL taxonomies. For over a decade our team has been providing XML tagging services to customers worldwide. With the advent of XBRL taxonomies, we have been able to leverage our considerable knowledge to create a set of services for creating taxonomies.

XBRL Training

With a growing number of organizations that are required to file financial reports in XBRL, there is a need for your in-house team to understand and be prepared for XBRL. We provide standard and custom training programs for our customers.


Mutual Funds

In December 2008, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated mutual funds to provide the Risk-Return summary section of their prospectuses in XBRL format to both the SEC and on the fund's website. We have been providing XBRL conversion services since the inception of the rule and have a team that is fully conversant with the process of tagging and formatting these documents. We follow all the SEC guidelines and requirements in order to prepare these XBRL documents.