Integix offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based disclosure platform for companies seeking a self-filing solution. With single-source input, interlinked facts, realtime collaboration, and powerful review, all outputs, including EDGAR and XBRL, are updated instantaneously, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

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No more sending files by email. No more Excel-based "reviewer's guides". XOR makes the XBRL reviewer's job efficient and easy. It offers a powerful set of features to make collaborative, multiuser reviewing possible. Its rich feature-set is ideally suited to assist corporations, financial printers and service providers in enabling easy review of XBRL files.

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A revolutionary new way to read, analyze and find interesting pieces of information within US SEC regulatory filings. Contexxia makes it possible for Analysts, Investment Research Firms, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Investment Banks to review corporate filings extremely efficiently, find meaningful changes, share it with peers and extract data for further use.

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Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of products and services for Financial Regulatory Compliance and Financial Analytics. Our web-based applications are designed to be extremely user friendly, accurate, and portable among computing devices. In addition to features offering enhanced collaboration and remote accessibility, our unique solutions vastly optimize the by and large manual and tedious process of regulatory document preparation and review. This substantially reduces time spent on verifying, reviewing and approving of changes during different stages of the regulatory document lifecycle.

Our products and solutions teams leverage significant expertise and experience in financial reporting, XBRL, natural language processing, big data and cloud-based software platforms. Our services and support teams are highly rated for their focus on customer problems and for their ability to go the extra step to exceed customer expectations.