XBRL Solutions for South Africa CIPC Mandate

Ez-XBRL Solutions has been providing solutions to various XBRL mandates worldwide since 2010. Our latest offerings enable companies to file their Annual Financial Statements in Inline XBRL format to be compliant with CIPC’s upcoming mandate starting July 2018. Our solutions include:

  • CIPC-recognized cloud-based software platform - Integix - with managed and self-service options for companies to control the process from authoring to submission with the CIPC
  • White glove, fully outsourced Inline XBRL conversion
  • Reviewing tool - XOR - that facilitates collaborative, online reviewing and validation of Inline XBRL files before they are submitted to CIPC

CIPC Recognized Self-Service iXBRL Platform - Integix

Integix is Ez-XBRL’s cloud-based iXBRL authoring platform. It offers a comprehensive solution that enables the conversion and creation of iXBRL documents using a variety of source document formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

Integix has been selected by CIPC as one of the recognized software solutions for iXBRL creation to meet the requirements of South Africa’s XBRL mandate. With its powerful set of features and functionality, Integix is the ideal choice for filers looking for a solution that meets all their compliance needs for iXBRL documents.

Managed Inline XBRL Services

CIPC have opted for the Inline XBRL (iXBRL) specification version 1.1 as published by XBRL International. iXBRL offers several advantages over the traditional XBRL including reduced costs for filers, better XBRL quality, and better overall data quality of filings. Ez-XBRL’s services team has significant credentials in providing fully managed XBRL/iXBRL conversion services.

  • Providing expert outsourced conversion services to meet the regulatory requirements of many XBRL jurisdictions including the USA, the UK, and India
  • Deep knowledge of accounting standards such as GAAP and IFRS
  • Extensive technical expertise in XBRL/iXBRL standards
  • Well-defined process and workflow management for preparing valid and accurate XBRL/iXBRL documents
  • 6+ years of Inline XBRL experience helping some of the largest UK-based corporations file with the HMRC, position us as your ideal partner for iXBRL compliance.

XOR - Online Portal for Collaboration and Reviewing

All our services customers are provided access - at no additional charge - to XOR, our acclaimed online reviewing portal for XBRL and iXBRL documents.

Our services for companies required to file Inline XBRL documents with CIPC include:

  • Converting your documents to iXBRL 1.1 compliant documents
  • Identifying and selecting the most appropriate XBRL concepts (tags) that meet your requirement, whether by applying the minimum tagging set or the full set of tags available with the published taxonomies
  • Finalizing and validating the output to meet the CIPCs validation criteria

XOR - The Defacto standard in XBRL Review and Validation Tools

XOR is the defacto standard for cloud-based XBRL reviewing tools. Combining a powerful set of features, with an elegant and intuitive user interface, XOR’s collaborative reviewing, reporting, validation, and workflow features have been used to review and finalize 1000s of XBRL filings since its introduction in 2013.

With the addition of Inline XBRL capabilities and support for the latest validation rules applicable to CIPC filers, XOR offers a compelling set of features that make it an invaluable tool for companies seeking to file high-quality, valid, and standards-compliant iXBRL documents.